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AS2 Gateway On-Premise/Dedicated Product Features



  • Built-in REST API for automating message sending, and retrieval of received file/MDN
  • Installable connectors for integrating with third-party systems/services to send/receive messages:
    • Filesystem (save/fetch files to/from local filesystem paths, or from mounted FTP/SFTP/NFS etc. locations)
    • AWS S3 (Amazon Web Services, Simple Storage Service, bucket-based)
    • Webhooks (receive HTTP/S callbacks to your own servers/endpoints on messaging related events)
    • Regulatory (automatically process and correlate messages exchanged with FDA, EMA, etc.)
    • EDI Generator (receive/send EDI files to/from your EDI Generator account with EDI-specific processing, shipping label generation, format conversions, validation, etc.)

User Management (Access Control)

  • Standard role-based access control with user- and group-level isolation
  • Authentication options:
    • Built-in default: database-backed, username-password based authentication
    • Can be integrated with any standard OpenID authentication provider for organization-wide single sign-on (SSO), with group- or username-level identity mapping
  • Multi-tenancy (multiple isolated environment/organization registration) available under special licensing


  • Detailed audit trail to track all AS2 and non-AS2 configuration changes made on the system
  • Options to easily share AS2 configurations with trading partners
  • Easy certificate management (renewal, validity checks, expiration alerts) from the built-in Certificate Manager
  • Single data storage location/structure to easily and quickly back up/restore/migrate all your configurations and message data
  • Health-check endpoint (GET :8281/health) for external periodic monitoring

Deployment Options

  • Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac): single bundle for in-house exchanging of low-to-moderate message volumes
  • Containerized (Docker)
  • Container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes, on-premise or in-cloud; e.g. EKS on AWS, GKS on Google Cloud, AKS on Microsoft Azure
  • PaaS (platform-as-a-service) environments, such as Heroku by Salesforce
  • Virtual machines, e.g. AWS EC2 (ready-made AMI available), Google Compute Engine, and other IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) compute platforms

Check our on-premise product page for more details.

Getting Started

  • Simplified, browser-based graphical interface for all configurations and monitoring
  • Configuration migration: evaluate first on AS2 Gateway SaaS, and migrate the same settings to your on-premise installation with few clicks
  • Email/phone support from AS2 Gateway Team to resolve any configuration issues during initial set-up (*conditional for desktop/local installations)