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Setting up a Custom Domain for AS2

With AS2 Gateway, you can assign a custom domain name (hostname) to your AS2 receiver endpoint. For example, instead of sending to the default…

endpoint, your partners will see - and send messages to - a custom URL (domain) such as


This is useful if you wish to use an AS2 domain name that better represents your organization, business or public domain, instead of the generic/default one provided by AS2 Gateway.


  • AS2 protocol or AS2 Gateway does not use or depend on the message receive hostname/domain in their internal operation, except when using the test URL (this requires an additional step; see below). So, adding a custom hostname does not impact AS2 communication, or any already set-up AS2 connections.
  • Adding a custom domain will not change the port number (HTTP: 8280) or the path (/service/as2-receiver) where AS2 Gateway accepts messages. If you also want to customize the port number, contact AS2 Gateway team.

Configuring a Custom Domain

Simply add a DNS “A” (alias) record, pointing your custom domain to the IP address of AS2 Gateway (

as2.your.custom.domain.  300  IN A

No changes are needed on AS2 Gateway or your account.

You can find the instructions to configure an A record, under the online documentation/guides of your DNS/hosting provider.

Instead of an A record, you can also add a CNAME record pointing your domain to (note the trailing dot):

as2.your.custom.domain.  300  IN CNAME

Using Test URLs

If you or your partner is using (or planning to use) test-mode partner URLs (where the hostname must start with a test- prefix), you would also need to add an A/CNAME record for test- as well:

  • if adding an A/alias record: point to the same AS2 Gateway IP (
  • if adding a CNAME record: point to

Custom Domains for HTTPS

By default, custom domain names are supported only for AS2 over HTTP. If you need a custom domain name assigned for HTTPS (e.g. instead of, please contact AS2 Gateway team, mentioning the domain name and the required port number (8443/4080/443).

AS2 protocol already encrypts transmitted data, so unlike in regular web traffic, HTTPS is not needed in most cases; unless there is a regulatory/policy requirement.