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Discover our selection of videos centered around AS2 and EDI solutions, offering valuable insights into the functioning of our EDI and AS2 solutions.


WEBINAR - Discover MFT Gateway | Your Simplified AS2 Solution

Did you miss our enlightening webinar on Managed File Transfer (MFT) and the AS2 protocol? Watch the replay to learn how AS2 works and how MFT Gateway, our hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for AS2 file exchange, brings security, reliability, and convenience to your B2B workflow.

What is AS2 and How does it work

AS2 also known as Applicability Statement 2 is a secure file transfer protocol that enables secure and reliable exchange of electronic data, between organizations over the internet. This video guide you through the AS2 protocol operation. AS2 protocol works by using digital certificates, secure communication channels, and encryption algorithms to...

AS2 Connection Setup for Walmart RetailLink GEM with MFTGateway

The Walmart RetailLink application and its Global Enterprise Mailbox (GEM) configuration can be a challenge, especially if you are configuring an AS2 connection with Walmart for the first time. While the user interface could certainly be more intuitive and user-friendly, the use of the word ‘certificate’ throughout the AS2 configuration...

Quick Start - MFT Gateway

This playlist will guide you through on how to set up your MFT Gateway account to start sending AS2 Messages

Sign up - MFT Gateway

This video will guide you through onboarding page of Aayu Technologies accounts, which is our centralized account management application.

Create an AS2 Station | MFT Gateway

In this video tutorial, you will be guided through the process of creating an AS2 station within the MFT Gateway. An AS2 ‘Station’ defines an identity for your Organization to...

Create an AS2 Partner | MFT Gateway

In this video tutorial, you will be guided through the process of creating an AS2 partner within the MFT Gateway. An AS2 Partner definition within the MFTGateway specifies details about...

Send an AS2 Message | MFT Gateway

This video will show you how to send an AS2 message in MFT Gateway.