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AS2 Gateway On-Premise/Dedicated

Deploy AS2 Gateway on your own servers if your business requirements calls for a dedicated installation, with higher messaging capacity, cloud or on-premise hardware, and custom integrations with your own systems.

Self-installable desktop/server

Run AS2 Gateway on any Windows, Linux or Mac system. Get the bundle and follow the few simple installation steps - download, extract, run!


Run AS2 Gateway on your own Docker swarm or Docker-based container cluster - on-premise Kubernetes, EKS, GKS, AKS, you name it. Get going with just a few deployment and service definitions. To get started, contact us here.


Deploy our Docker images on Heroku, and get yourself a fully-managed, resilient AS2 platform. Or, get instructions and recipes to run it on your favorite PaaS (platform-as-a-service).

Cloud VMs

Run AS2 Gateway on your own, right-sized AWS EC2 instance. Contact us to get access to the ready-made AMI, and deploy with just the right configurations. Or, get details for deploying on another compute platform.

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