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Updating an SFTP Partner

To update the SFTP partner, first go to the ‘Partners’ option in the left navigation menu, then to the ‘SFTP’ option tab,and find the partner entity that needs to be updated. On the partner card, click the Manage Partner button to get the manage partner view.

Manage SFTP View

SFTP partners added to MFT Gateway can be updated or modified at any time to configure the partner’s various configurations. For example, the Name, Notification email(s), Advanced options, and Partner’s SFTP key.

Manage SFTP Partner View

Updating basic information of the SFTP Partner

The user can change the information of the partner, such as the Name, Notification email(s), and Advanced options according to their preference.

Updating key pair of the SFTP partner

If you need to discard the existing key pair and generate a new key pair for your SFTP partner, expand the SFTP Key (External Partner), and enable the toggle Change SFTP Key.

Note that the previously used key pair became invalid when you generated a key pair for your SFTP partner.

The SFTP partner supports authentication by either generating a new key pair for your trading partner or using their existing key pair. Do the update as you need, but make sure to share the most recent private key with your trading partner so that they may continue to access the MFT Gateway SFTP server.

Click the Update button at the bottom to update the SFTP partner entity after making all the required configuration changes. You will return to the SFTP partner list view after the partner has been successfully updated.