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AS2 Gateway 2.4.4 is out!

AS2 Gateway 2.4.4 is now live, with a bunch of enhancements for your AS2, EDI and B2B workflows

25 Feb 2024

After a long silence, AS2 Gateway has published her latest release 2.4.4. While the main focus has been on bug fixes, performance improvements and refactoring (for the benefit of our growing on-premise and RegSub crowds), there are some nifty features that you may find useful:

View per-message processing logs from UI

If your team has the basic technical knowledge on how the AS2 protocol works, you can now simply click the View logs for this message button on any recent message to grab its complete processing trace for further analysis; including, whenever possible, the integrations or downstreams to which it was delivered as well.

Show logs for this message

This feature is highly experimental; if you run into any issues (or see something that doesn’t make sense), please reach out to us immediately.

Add a note when sharing partner configuration

Our users have been asking to be able to write a custom note in the auto-generated email, when sharing their station’s AS2 configuration with their partner. As always, we have honored their request and added the feature in our latest release.

Share this configuration: include notes

Certificates page: filter by type

If you have a large number of certificates installed in your account, it could be helpful to view them by type, e.g. when reviewing the usage of different types of certs. Now you can do just that, by selecting the cert type of interest (or “ALL TYPES”), on the dropdown on the Certificate Manager.

Certificate type filter

FDA ACK processing improvements

We have been noticing in several of our dedicated deployments, that the FDA AS2 endpoint fails to gracefully close some submission/AS2 transmissions (usually leading the outbound HTTP connection to time-out beyond the maximum wait time). This leads to the default retry behavior, whereby AS2G re-sends the message with an exponential back-off delay. However in the meantime FDA may actually process the originally received message, and even send back an ACK2 - all while the message was waiting to be timed-out from the sender’s side.

From this release, any ACK being received for an in-progress or failed FDA message, will immediately re-mark it as successfully sent; avoiding such unnecessary retries.

This change comes accompanied with several other minor improvements in FDA (and EMA) ACK processing, to make the process even more streamlined.

Upload multiple chain certificates when replacing a station or HTTPS certificate

So far, when a key pair (station certificate, or HTTPS identity certificate) is being replaced, you were allowed to upload only a single certificate file; if your certificate is not self-signed, you had to convert your whole certificate chain to PEM format, arrange them in a single file with proper (leaf-to-root) ordering, and import the resulting single chain file.

Now you can simply add the individual certificates in whatever desired format and in any random order, and AS2G will automatically parse and arrange them in correct order on its own.

REST API: mark duplicated message IDs as read/unread

Earlier, if you had multiple messages with same Message-ID (usually in inbox), you could mark only one of them as read, via the /message/received/{Message-ID}?markAsRead=true API call. We have now changed this behavior to mark all matched messages as read, in line with the fact that all such messages would actually have identical content.

Deploy AS2 Gateway on cloud

In closing

It may not seem much, but we are laying the foundation for some cool things that would make your AS2 journey a lot more streamlined; so stay tuned!

As always, we are eager to listen and accommodate your feedback along the way; if anything comes to mind, just drop us a line.