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MFT Gateway 2.2.8 Release

MFT Gateway 2.2.8 new release introduces Webhook notifications for sent messages and a new message state for network-level message sending failures.

29 Jun 2021

Aayu Technologies LLC recently released MFT Gateway 2.2.8, the latest update of the world’s first Serverless Managed File Transfer Gateway implemented on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Let’s have a quick overview of the new version and see what’s new.

Webhook notifications for sent messages

Before the latest build, you could only receive webhook notifications in MFT Gateway for incoming messages and sending failed messages. But with the new update, you can use the same webhook endpoint to receive notifications for successfully sent messages.

Event Event Type   Received Message MESSAGE.RECEIVED.SUCCESS   Sent Message MESSAGE.SEND.SUCCESS  
Message Send Failure MESSAGE.SEND.FAILED              

Webhook Integration

New message state for network-level message sending failures

Earlier, when a queued message encountered any failure, it was added to the Failed Messages view regardless of the failure reason. According to the latest build, if the message is accepted by the trading partner but failed to acknowledge back within the maximum waiting time, MFT Gateway will mark the outgoing message as Incomplete and the message will be added to the Incomplete Messages view. If the user already enabled Auto Retry Send Incomplete Messages from the Manage Partner view of the relevant trading partner, then MFT Gateway will automatically retry incomplete messages up to a maximum of 5 retries. In that case, the trading partner might receive duplicate messages, if they already process any previous message(s) successfully from their end.

Incomplete Message List

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