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MFT Gateway 2.2.9 Release

MFT Gateway 2.2.9 new release allows deleting message attachments from s3 on success MDN and enabling S3 integration while integrating EDI Generator.

25 Aug 2021

Aayu Technologies LLC recently released MFT Gateway 2.2.9, the latest update of the world’s first Serverless Managed File Transfer Gateway implemented on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Let’s have a quick overview of the new version and see what’s new.

Delete message attachments on success MDN

If you are using your own AWS environment for MFT Gateway transactions, you may have felt like cleaning your S3 buckets after every time they are getting filled is a bit of overhead. Now MFT gateway provides you with an option to permanently delete sent message attachments from your S3 bucket once a successful MDN is received. This option will not delete your message metadata, raw files(payload, MDN, transport headers) and they will continuously persist in case you need to access them further.

Partner Configuration

Note: This option is also available for all the SaaS users and this is in addition to the default S3 bucket cleanup process(S3 lifecycle rule).

Option to enable S3 integration while integrating EDI Generator

As you already know, in order to integrate MFT Gateway with EDI Generator, first you need to enable S3 integration for your account. With the latest release, you can enable S3 integration while you are integrating EDI Generator.

EDIG integration view before an integration

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