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MFT 2.2.0 Release

MFT 2.2.0 latest release presents the new certificate store & webhook integration with support to AS2 messages containing multiple attachments and password protection for SFTP keys

16 Oct 2020

Aayu Technologies LLC just released MFT Gateway 2.2.0, the latest update of the world’s first Serverless Managed File Transfer Gateway implemented on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Let’s have a quick overview of the new version and see what’s new.

MFT Gateway REST API: Send AS2 messages with multiple attachments

With the latest update now you can send AS2 messages containing multiple attachments using MFT Gateway REST API. AS2 message sending endpoint ( now supports both sending messages with single attachment and with multiple attachments. To send multiple attachments you need to pass your message in ** multipart/form-data** content type. You can find more information from our REST API documentation.

Certificate Store

MFT Gateway now offers you functionality to manage your certificates efficiently and easily with a dedicated user interface for certificate management. Certificate Store offers you the following functionalities.

Certificate Store

Manage all your certificates in Certificate List view

Now you can view and manage all your certificates in a list view as you were having for AS2 messages and users. All certificates that are imported to MFT Gateway will be displayed here as well as already existing certificates of the current customers.

Generate new Self signed certificates for your AS2 stations

You can generate self signed certificates using Generate Self Signed Certificate view. After generating or importing certificates you can assign them to your AS2 trading stations and/or AS2 trading partners by using corresponding creation/update views.

Import keypair from existing keystore

Now you can import your existing keypairs to MFT Gateway using Import From Keystore option. This functionality currently supports importing keypairs from jks and pkcs12 formatted keystores.

Import public certificates and chain certificates

MFT Gateway allows you to maintain public certificates in two different categories, Trust certificates which used for AS2 trading partners and HTTPS certificate which used to handle HTTP level connections. You can directly import public certificates into above categories using the Import Public Certificate option.

Download certificates in different formats

You can download certificates in PEM format and DER encoded format in certificate list view and certificate information view. Also you can generate CSR (certificate signing request) for your self signed certificates.

Webhook integration

Want to connect your external application real-time with MFT Gateway AS2 message flow? If yes, webhooks are the ideal solution.


Now you can set up webhook notifications in MFT Gateway for incoming messages. MFT Gateway allows you to set up a single webhook endpoint to cover all your trading stations, or you can set up one for a selected station. Webhooks can also be enabled/disabled anytime while retaining the configuration.

SFTP integration supports password protection and different key formats

Now you can add password protection to your SFTP keys on MFT Gateway. You can also choose between different private key formats (PKCS1, PKCS8 or PPK) - simply choose the right one for your SFTP client (FileZilla, WinSCP, or PSFTP). If you want to use your own existing SFTP keypair, we support that as well - simply upload your public key and MFT Gateway will auto-detect and configure SFTP access for you.

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