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MFT Gateway 2.2.7

Introducing MFT Gateway 2.2.7 new release providing Custom Header Support for Outgoing Messages over AS2

18 Jun 2021

Aayu Technologies LLC recently released MFT Gateway 2.2.7, the latest update of the world’s first Serverless Managed File Transfer Gateway implemented on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Let’s have a quick overview of the new version and see what’s new.

Custom header support for outgoing messages

There could be incidents when some trading partners require you to send a default HTTP header with a different value ( e.g. setting custom Date) or send an additional HTTP header along with a standard AS2 message (e.g. for authentication or routing purposes).

If you want to include any custom HTTP headers when sending messages to a particular trading partner, now you can configure them in the Manage Partner view of that partner. The following configuration sample sets a custom HTTP header as a key-value pair.

Custom Header Support

Once configured, these custom headers will be saved and sent to the client together with the default HTTP headers. So, they will be included in every AS2 message that you send to this partner. If you want to:

  • apply them to only some of the AS2 messages, based on some condition, or
  • determine/change the value of a certain header, based on some condition/parameter,

you can contact the MFT Gateway team for more information.

And also, there is a list of reserved headers, which you cannot use as custom headers to avoid transmission errors. The reserved headers list is as below.

  • AS2-From
  • AS2-To
  • AS2-Version
  • Content-Transfer-Encoding
  • Message-Id
  • MIME-Version
  • Disposition-Notification-Options
  • Content-Type
  • Receipt-Delivery-Option
  • Destination

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