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What’s New in MFT Gateway 3.6.6

Recently released MFT Gateway 3.6.6 is now enriched with MFA Support, HTTP header profiles and many more!

27 Jun 2024

Aayu Technologies LLC has recently released MFT Gateway 3.6.6 with some promising updates. The latest release introduced Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), HTTP header profiles and many more! Without waiting further, let’s unwrap the new release and see what’s new.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Support

Being a trusted cloud-based AS2 provider for many years, one of our main goals as Aayu Technologies is to simplify your AS2 communications, in a secure manner. Adding one more extra layer to the security, now MFT Gateway supports Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) through Aayu Accounts; the centralized user management portal for Aayu Technologies SaaS products.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Support Open image on lightbox

HTTP Header Profiles

Enhancing the existing partner-level custom HTTP header configuration functionality, now MFT Gateway allows users to create them as header profiles, so the users can submit their AS2 submissions quickly, without entering the headers each time.

HTTP Header Profiles Open image on lightbox

Here the users can configure multiple header profiles under one partner and when composing the AS2 message, the user can decide which header profile should be selected.

Multiple HTTP Header Profiles Open image on lightbox

Self-Signed Certificate Renewal from the Certificates Page

Earlier, renewing self-signed certificates was only available from the Manage Station page. Making certificate management more user-friendly, with the latest release, MFT Gateway allows users to renew self-signed certificates from the Certificates page as well.

 Self-Signed Certificate Renewal Open image on lightbox


Summing up to what’s new in MFT Gateway’s new release, the latest deployment provides MFA support, HTTP header profiles, and self-signed certificate renewal from the Certificates page. So try it out and let us know what you think.

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