MFT 3.0.1 Latest Release | What’s New in MFT Gateway

With the latest update, MFT Gateway introduces SFTP as a new message exchanging protocol

26 Apr 2022

Aayu Technologies LLC has recently released MFT Gateway 3.0.1; the latest update of the world’s first Serverless Managed File Transfer software implemented on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which facilitates secure file transfer in B2B trading. MFT Gateway believes customers are the best source of feedback. We always consider them while defining our product roadmap and make enhancements accordingly. The latest release includes such a high-demanding feature with several enhancements to make your secure files transfer experience in B2B trading, better than ever. Let’s have a quick overview of the new version and see what’s new.

SFTP; A new message exchanging protocol

With the latest update, MFT Gateway introduces SFTP as a new message exchanging protocol. Now in addition to AS2, you would also be able to exchange messages with your trading partners using SFTP protocol from the web console, integrations (S3, SFTP) and REST API.

You can enable this option from the Organization Profile view.

Configure SFTP Protocol

Then you can add an SFTP partner from the Partners view.

SFTP Partners

Once configured, you can exchange messages with your trading partners using the SFTP protocol.

SFTP Inbox

REST API Endpoints to support SFTP protocol

With the new support of SFTP protocol, MFT Gateway has improved its existing API endpoints to facilitate exchanging messages via SFTP protocol as well.

A new Query Parameter has been introduced as below to specify the message exchange protocol.

service - allowed values: ‘as2’, ‘sftp’ (String - Default: as2)

You can use this parameter to create SFTP partners, and send and retrieve SFTP messages.


Create SFTP partner

MFT Gateway’s Create Partner API endpoint can be used to create an SFTP trading partner by providing ‘sftp’ as the service parameter and JSON request body with relevant fields for SFTP messaging.

Query Parameters service - sftp
Mandatory fields  
name partner name (String)
identifier partner identifier (String)
email comma-separated list of emails (up to maximum of 3 emails) (String)
privateKeyType SFTP private key type Allowed types ‘PEM_PKCS1’, ‘PEM_PKCS8’, ‘PPK’ (String)
SFTP Service Specific Optional fields  
receivedMessageNotifications enable email notifications for received messages (Boolean - Default: false)
failedMessageNotifications enable email notifications for message send failures (Boolean - Default: true)
withPrivateKeyPassword set password for the private key (Boolean - Default: false)
privateKeyPassword password for the private key; required if withPrivateKeyPassword sets to true (String)
withExistingPublicKey use existing key pair public key (Boolean - Default: false)
publicKey public key; required if withExistingPublicKey sets to true (String)

Send messages via SFTP protocol

MFT Gateway’s Send Message API endpoint can be used to send messages via SFTP protocol on the MFT Gateway account.

Query Parameters service - sftp
Mandatory Request Headers  
Authorization Authorization header with auth token
Content-Type Content type of the message payload. For multiple attachments, the content type should be multipart/form-data with valid form content
SFTP-To SFTP Partner identifier which intends to receive the message

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