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What's new with Aayu Technologies in 2022?

We've been busy trying to make our services better for you and match your requirements. We released some major updates on our services just for you to kickstart your 2022

21 Feb 2022

We’ve been busy trying to make our services better for you and match your requirements. We released some major updates on our services just for you to kickstart your 2022. Worth the wait? Let’s find out what we got for you.

MFT Gateway

Last year we listened, and this year we’ve got you covered. MFT Gateway 2.3.0 release includes several enhancements that will make your secure files transfer experience in B2B trading even better.

Here are the newest features in the latest release of MFT Gateway :

  • New REST API Endpoints

MFT Gateway is happy to announce that we have added five new endpoints to our API collection.

  • Option to customize outbound message timeout (socket timeout)

MFT Gateway now allows you to set a partner-wise maximum waiting time (Up to 5 mins) for outbound messages before closing the connection.

  • AS2 test flow

New to MFT Gateway? No proper idea about AS2 messaging? Do not worry. You can now set up a mock trading station and a partner before configuring production message flows to try out and get to know AS2 message flow beforehand.

  • View failure message stack trace

Latest MFT Gateway updates provides an option to view stack traces for failed messages, to indicate exactly where the failure happened and ease your troubleshooting process.

  • Automatic sent and received message cleanup

Now you can configure MFT Gateway to detect and delete sent and received messages older than 7days/14days/30days automatically.

No problem is too big or small. We always listen to you and go the extra mile to refresh our features to make the most of your time.

Visit our 👉 product-updates to stay tuned on latest updates!

AS2 Gateway

Latest AS2 Gateway update is our gift to you in 2022. It’s time to take your experience with AS2 Gateway to the next level with latest enhancements to our core AS2 processing logic. This will ensure the finer aspects of the AS2 protocol, and pave the way for some new interesting features for our users.

  • File submissions through AWS S3 uploads​

Like receiving inbox files, you can now submit outgoing files by simply uploading them to your bucket.

  • EDI Generator Integration

Automatically forward incoming EDI files to your EDIG account, for a smooth EDI/X12 automation experience.

  • EMA Integration (European Medicines Agency)

Like FDA, we now support automatic tracking and ACK processing for your EMA regulatory submissions.

  • AS2 Restart Support

AS2 Gateway core platform now supports AS2-Restart optional profile for very large file (VLF) transfers.

  • Dedicated release for regulatory submissions!

Run your own regulatory submissions platform with automatic composition, robust delivery and status tracking.

  • Preview: Self-installable release!

Run AS2 Gateway anywhere; your own Windows/Mac/Linux machine, on-site server, or local data center.

Learn More about AS2Gateway. Visit 👉

We’ve been hard at work over the last few months to make sure that our AS2 Gateway is future ready for 2022. Our gift pack for 2022 - is now live!

EDI Generator

it’s going to be a big year for Aayu too! EDI Generator, or EDIG, is the new player in EDI automation developed by Aayu Technologies team.

EDI Generator will accept inbound EDI files from your B2B communication provider (MFT Gateway or AS2 Gateway), process them, and automatically send back the initial acknowledgements (such as the X12 997) on your behalf.

From there on, your files are on a versatile EDI platform; you can view and download received EDIs in nice human-readable formats, auto-generate and send back invoices and ASNs (shipping notices) for received POs, create and print shipping labels, compose PO CRs, and much more. You can also fully automate the future workflow by setting up integrations to convert and send received EDI files to other downstream systems, in different formats such as JSON, XML and CSV.

We have pre-built schemas and rulesets for many popular EDI vendors, so you never have to worry about the complexities of EDI specs, generation, or validation. Just sign up, import your vendor (say Walmart) from our repository with a few clicks, and set up integration with your MFT Gateway account)

  • and you’re good to go!

Here’s a feature highlight from our latest release:

  • External endpoint integration for incoming messages

Now it is possible to configure an external HTTP endpoint in your EDI Generator account to receive incoming EDIs. Then EDI Generator will send the content and the JSON conversion of incoming messages from selected partners to that endpoint.

  • CSV based EDI generation

You can now define ASNs and Invoices as parameterized templates and generate actual documents by providing necessary values through CSV files.

Learn More about EDI Generator. Visit 👉

We’ve updated all our Aayu technologies products with new features that can help you in your daily journey cause we know, better features = better experience.

That’s not all. We got more exiting news, updates features coming for you through out this year! Stay Tuned!