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What’s New in AS2 Gateway 1.33.0

Wondering what's new in AS2 Gateway? Discover the latest updates in our recent release 1.30.2

15 Nov 2021

Those who already have an account in our platform would have received an alert box at log-in, announcing the new update and asking you to refresh the browser window. Please do so - we always recommend you to stay on the latest version. We have tested the update thoroughly, but just in case you face any issues - don’t forget to write to us so that we can attend to it right away!

1.33.0 is a minor update from our previous 1.32.0, and mainly includes minor updates and enhancements - but we would like to highlight some of them that would interest you:

Auditing Enhanced

We have been making gradual enhancements to our auditing facility, to make it easier for users to track exactly what changes have been done to their AS2 configurations - when, and by whom. 1.33.0 takes this one step forward by decoupling audit logs from users. Historically, if you deleted a user from your AS2G organizations, the audit logs associated with the user were also deleted - losing valuable details of any AS2 setting changes, payments, or other configuration or administration actions done by them. But now, audit logs of all users are safely retained - even after deleting a user - allowing you to track down every action made upon your account by anyone that ever had access to it.

AS2 Gateway is now SSO Ready!

Thanks to one of our recent clients, we have added single sign-on (SSO) to AS2 Gateway. If your organization is already using an OpenID Connect (OIDC) based SSO infrastructure (Google Workspaces, Okta, KeyCloak, Ping, Auth0, etc.), you can give your employees a seamless user experience when using the AS2 Gateway web portal - without having to maintain another set of user accounts and email/password-based log-ins exclusively for AS2 Gateway.

SSO is not currently enabled on the AS2 Gateway Cloud (SaaS) platform; however, if you would like to see SSO on our cloud platform as well, let us know!

Of course, if you go with our dedicated or on-premises offerings, SSO can be enabled for your favorite provider with just a few lines of configurations; if you want to try on-premise (with SSO and other nice additions), write to us so we can help you get started. (Early next year, we are planning to release a DIY bundle so that you can run your own AS2 on-premises server anywhere you like - so stay tuned!)

Smarter Certificate Management

Historically we have been allowing users to import any certificate to AS2 Gateway, any number of times. While this may seem to have been a convenience, it led many users to import the same certificate (or chain of certificates) over and over again - leading to certificate stores that are full of duplicates, and much confusion for the users themselves in the long run. As a result, earlier this year we added more strict certificate management policies, allowing one organization to import only one copy of any given certificate for a given purpose (AS2/S-MIME usage, HTTPS/TLS, and so forth).

We have been making continuous improvements to convey this policy, and other certificate-related issues and restrictions, to our users - in simple and effective wording. Our latest release takes another step in this direction, by warning you in advance if you are trying to import an unsuitable certificate or combination. For example if try to upload two copies of the same certificate for encryption and signature verification on a trading partner (where the correct approach is to instead upload just the encryption certificate, and keep the “Use Different Certificate as Sign Certificate” option turned off); or if you try to upload a certificate in a currently unsupported format.

We still have work to do on the certificate store - an option to clean up unused certificates, automatic alerts for upcoming certificate expirations, and a few other handy features. Stay tuned!

On top of these, we have deployed a handful of other small improvements; so far everything looks good, but feel free to shout out if you notice anything odd - so that our team can look into it right away.

As always, we love your feedback - so drop us a few lines on what you would like to see in our next 1.34.0 release - and be ready for a surprise next time!

Stay tuned for more goodies!