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Changing current Subscription

The MFT Gateway allows you to change an existing subscription at any time. You may upgrade or downgrade your package, or change the billing frequency.

Upgrading to save cost

As your messaging volumes grow over time, it would be more cost-effective for you to upgrade your existing plan.


Consider a user subscribing to the ‘Small’ plan paying Annually. Initially the account sent and received around 4,000 messages per month. After a few months, the number of messages exchanged starts to increase suddenly to around 8,000 messages per month. With the current subscription the total cost is computed as follows:

  • Monthly subscription cost: $ 249
  • Cost for the messages included (i.e. 5,000) in the subscription: $ 0
  • Cost for the balance 3,000 messages charged at $ 0.10 per messages (i.e. 3000 * 0.10) = $ 300
  • Total cost per month: $ 549

Consider this total cost with the upgrade to the next plan ‘Business’. It allows 15,000 messages per month and its monthly subscription fee is just $ 399. So there is a savings of $150 by upgrading the subscription at the right time.

Changing the Subscription

You can change - upgrade or downgrade - your subscription at any time, and without penalties or additional charges. However, downgrades are limited to 4 per year. To change your subscription, login to the MFT Gateway and navigate to

Click ‘Organization Profile’ from the menu, and in the resulting window, navigate to the ‘Subscription’ area.

Subscription Page
Subscription Page

Your current subscription details, such as the plan and the next billing date, and the available options to change the subscription are shown.

You can change the payment method for the next payment by clicking the ‘Update Payment Info’ option button.

To change the subscription, select the desired new subscription from the available categories and make sure to select ‘Pay Monthly’ or ‘Pay Quarterly/Annually’ according to your preference. Then click the ‘Buy Now’ button and then ‘Yes’ on the confirmation screen.

You can change your payment method by clicking ‘Change Payment Method’ to use a different payment card. Then, on the confirmation screen, click the ‘Change’ option to confirm the preferred subscription.

Change confirmation
Change confirmation

Once the package is updated, you will see an informational message as follows. And after a few minutes, your subscription would be updated.

Change confirmed
Change confirmed