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Web-based EDI via AS2

Web-based EDI from MFT service providers offers fast implementation and zero upfront costs for businesses. Read our latest blog for insights.

Akila Ishani
Akila Ishani

The increasing adoption and application of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions are driving the demand for EDI platforms. These solutions are widely used in transport and distribution, administration, inventory management and logistics. Additionally, EDI solutions are favored by various government regulatory bodies in several countries worldwide, and also by most of the mainstream and major retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Target.

These solutions help companies reduce paperwork and transcription errors, enhance response times for procurement and customer needs, minimize stock-out situations in inventory, and ensure secure payment to vendors.

Today, Web-based EDI is offered as a comprehensive EDI solution by managed file transfer (MFT) service providers, allowing businesses to implement it faster, often within minutes, with no upfront costs, especially if they are new to EDI.

web based AS2 Service

What is Web-Based EDI or Cloud-Based EDI?

Unlike traditional installable EDI software, Web EDI, also known as web-based or cloud-based EDI, involves using a web browser to exchange EDI documents between two entities; enabling businesses to be EDI capable with their trading partners through a secure connection in minutes.

In an EDI transaction, the user inputs all the information from a document into a web form, or uses an automated workflow/pipeline to feed the data to the EDI platform through an Application Programming Interface (API) endpoint. This data is then converted into an EDI message and transmitted to the other party using one of the EDI communication methods.
Web-based EDI connections are generally direct, point-to-point, and function like web-based email - with an inbox and outbox to send and receive EDI documents from a web portal offered by an EDI Software as a service provider.

EDI via AS2

Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) is one of the most popular methods for transporting data, especially EDI data, securely and reliably over the Internet. It essentially involves two computers – an AS2 client and an AS2 server – connecting in a point-to-point manner via the web. AS2 acts as an “envelope” for the EDI data, allowing it to be sent securely – using digital certificates and encryption algorithms to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation of the exchanged data

Why AS2 protocol is widely used in EDI solutions

AS2 provides a standardized method for secure and reliable B2B (business-to-business) communication over the internet. It offers several benefits that make it a preferred choice for secure data exchange among businesses:

1. Comply with Regulatory Requirements.

Most EDI partners require the process of adhering to laws, regulations, standards, and other rules set forth by governments and other regulatory bodies. AS2 enables you to comply with regulatory or compliance requirements to keep all data within the customer organization and network.

2. Lower Costs in operation

AS2 communications are cost-effective as the transmission takes place over the Internet using a secure business-grade AS2 protocol, at potentially lower cost.

3. Security and Reliability

AS2 offers robust data encryption, digital signatures, and integrity checks to ensure the confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of exchanged data, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or tampering.

4. Benefit from near real-time processing.

When an EDI document is sent via AS2, it is received instantly at the other end, as it is a synchronous transmission. If the receiving partner has systems in place to act on the document immediately, the result is near-real-time processing.

AS2 Setup in Walmart Retail Link

Why would you choose web-based EDI over on-premises EDI software?

Cost-effective and affordable

Generally, the concept of web-based EDI came into existence with the idea of providing a cost-effective and affordable solution to the companies. Costs will be exceptionally low with solutions utilizing pay-as-you-go pricing, and cloud-native technology such as storage and serverless computing.

Faster onboarding

Web-based EDI allows small and medium-sized businesses to create, receive, and manage EDI documents using a browser. Simple, pre-populated forms enable businesses to communicate effectively and comply with their partners’ requirements.

Nothing to install and maintain

Since the EDI service provider handles document mapping, compliance, data archiving, backup, and all related operations, users do not need any hardware or software resources. Businesses can send and receive EDI information without having to download any software on-site.

No need of extensive EDI knowledge

Small to medium-sized companies with limited EDI knowledge or small tech teams can quickly connect with their trading partners and streamline their order-to-cash cycle without requiring any special expertise. This is because all complexities are managed by the EDI service provider.

Try a Web-based EDI for free

Web based EDI over Traditional EDI
Web based EDI over Traditional EDI

We understand the importance of secured, reliable EDI transactions and are passionate about helping our customers to handle the complexities of AS2 communication.

We offer a fully managed file transfer service (MFT Gateway) allowing businesses to experience the full potential of EDI. Find the best Web-based EDI via AS2 solution tailored to your business needs and enroll in a 30-day free trial.

For more information, contact us today!

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