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6 Benefits of EDI in the logistics industry

This article discusses 6 of the most important benefits of EDI in the logistics industry and how they can increase the competitiveness of their business.

30 Mar 2023 by Sampavi Sriparan

Every day, supply chain stakeholders in the logistics sector exchange a large amount of information via piles of paper. So, having information in a better format that can be stored for a longer time and is more convenient, than paper is preferred. In order to permit the exchange of documents or data, business system integration must be done through a medium called EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Processing POs, BOLs, invoices, and many other types of documents can all be done using EDI. This article will look at the advantages of EDI in the logistics industry.

6 Benefits of EDI in the logistics Industry

Immediate exchange of documents

Several businesses collaborate in a single distribution channel, and logistics organizations are known for working with huge amounts of data/documents. These businesses also depend on each other. Each of them is in charge of completing a subsequent chain link in order to deliver the order to the final consumer. Logistics operations can be carried out more quickly, more accurately, and for a lower cost when information is sent automatically.

Increase customer satisfaction

EDI means faster deliveries, which benefits both businesses and end users. EDI can enable in securing initial purchases and, in the long run, building a loyal customer base. By implementing EDI, logistics companies can reduce the number of customers seeking customer service solutions. Customers are kept up to date in real time on the status of their orders and track-and-trace features, giving them peace of mind about when their order will arrive. This improves customer retention by increasing customer satisfaction.

Less Manual Work

The logistics industry has relied on manual work such as order confirmation, shipping notices and invoices for years. EDI solutions automate the process by eliminating paper documentation and manual work.

Using EDI can have a variety of positive operational effects on international supply chains. They consist of:

  • Error-free process
  • Low labor costs
  • Fast deliveries
  • Improved profitability

Reduce Errors

Human errors are constantly present in manual or paper-based processes. Data and information transfers can be made more accurate and efficient by using EDI solutions. By using EDI in logistics supply chains, costly manual errors such as incorrect keying or mistyping of information into systems are reduced. EDI can help to significantly reduce processing errors and ensure that orders are ready for prompt delivery, resulting in effective supplier relationship management going ahead.

Improved stock management

By using EDI, we can predict the amount of stock that needs to be kept in the warehouse and the amount of stock that needs to be ordered in advance. This can help the business to run smoothly without excess cost for warehouse maintenance. It is advantageous to maintain a balanced relationship with suppliers as well. Since it is automated, businesses can analyze the customer demand in advance and can provide the best customer service. This will help the business to maintain its reputation in the market and sustain in the competitive business environment.

Cutting costs

EDI is very much helpful in cutting costs. It reduces the overhead cost and also utilizes the resources in an effective way. This also helps to generate a better profit and earnings by making better and faster decisions. EDI can automate many manual processes. This paves way to minimize the human intervention in the process and hence cut the cost for wages. Since EDI can provide more accuracy, the risk in businesses like missing or incorrect orders is very much less which can result in better customer satisfaction and so increase the customer base and turnover, and at the same time reduce the cost of losing reputation of business.


In the logistics industry, EDI is crucial for managing and automating the business process. As a result, businesses can get the best outcomes with the modern EDI solutions like EDI Generator. We have developed our EDI-as-a-Service solution, modernizing EDI and guaranteeing that implementation inside a logistics environment is adaptable and flexible.

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