Experience the world's first Serverless Managed File Gateway (MFT)

AWS Hosted

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure a highly available and secure environment

AS2 as a Service

AS2 is our first B2B file sharing option. More options to be available shortly.

Easy Access

Exchange files securely with trading partners via Web / API / SFTP or AWS S3

Easy to get started and to use

Simple user interface hides the complexities of having to deal with the AS2 protocol and its configuration. Send and receive files with B2B trading partners similar to using web based email.

Automate and Integrate

Use the REST APIs to automate sending / receiving of files for easier integration. Support for SFTP integration for traditional applications, while direct AWS S3 access is also an option

Native Server-less Pricing

We use native AWS Serverless technologies to optimize the hosting cost of our system, so you can avoid having to pay for traditional servers and software, while experiencing a highly available and performant system, as a Service. This also allows us to offer the most competitive pricing to small and medium businesses

We will be launching EDI capabilities soon!
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