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Indegene deploys MFT Gateway for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world

Indegene required an AS2 gateway to be deployed for one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world, and to integrate its solutions running on the AWS cloud seamlessly.


Indegene Inc




Indegene Inc. is a technology-led healthcare solutions provider. It combines deep industry expertise with fit-for-purpose technology in an agile and scalable operating model, and offers research and development, and management services to healthcare and pharmaceutical enterprises. Many of the leading global healthcare organizations rely on its technology to deliver effective and efficient clinical, medical, and commercial outcomes every day. From strategy to execution, Indegene Inc. enables healthcare organizations to be future ready. It was founded in 1998 and is based in Bangalore, India. Indegene has offices in North America, Europe, China and India. Challenge

Indegene required an AS2 gateway to be deployed for one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world, and to integrate its solutions running on the AWS cloud seamlessly. The main flow of messages was with the clients safety database and Indegene’s case processing technology and operations. The requirement was to accelerate and scale the case processing services for the customer with the volume of messages per month expected to be around 400,000 messages. Native operation on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, was a distinct advantage sought after in a solution.


Indegene soon found out and investigated the MFT Gateway solution by Aayu Technologies LLC, and was happy to evaluate it with a free sign up and a free trial. During the evaluation, Indegene configured the hosted Software as a Solution (SaaS) version of the MFT Gateway to integrate with an AWS S3 bucket of an external organization. This allowed Indegene to try out the system and understand its ease of use and the advantages of its AWS native operation.


Indegene requested Aayu Technologies to deploy the MFT Gateway solution into an isolated AWS account under its control, and within the required geographic region. This allowed Indegene to be in full control and ownership of all data being exchanged and stored, to meet the regulatory requirements.

The deployment also allowed customizations required by Indegene, specifically to use on-rest encryption of files on S3 storage, and use of a dedicated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for outbound messages, utilizing a static IP. To adhere with the strict access control requirements, AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) was utilized to impose IP based access controls to different components of the deployment such as the web console, AS2 endpoints and REST APIs. The customizations also included a Simple Queue Service (SQS) notification to notify Indegene systems of events, which the target systems then used to fetch message payloads from S3. Using the S3 integration capabilities, the Indegene systems could both send and receive messages over AS2 by simply copying to, and reading from the allocated S3 storage bucket.

The system was moved into production from April 2021 and is successfully processing hundreds of thousands of messages per month as expected, while being under the full control and ownership of Indegene. The success of this initial deployment led Indegene to use the same MFT Gateway for a second deployment in production from July 2021.

"Indegene has a great partner with the MFT Gateway solution. A major point for us was it’s true cloud native architecture allowing us to take full advantage of the AWS ecosystem. The solution allowed us to easily configure connections and rapidly integrate our solutions through the APIs without compromising scalability and robustness"

Tarun Mathur | CTO
Indegene Inc